Sunday, January 17, 2010

Room for Another Baby

The answer is yes. We are making plans to adopt again and hopefully in the next few months. We would love it even more if it happens when we are hoping and expecting it to (like as in a specific day in March). The difficult part about it is that I'm not actually the one that is having a baby so everything from now until then completely depends on the decision of a birth mother who we will be fervently praying for. We are sending in a truckload of paperwork to A Guardian Angel adoption agency with whom we have complete confidence in helping us pursue our dreams of bringing home another baby. It is not the typical way most families have kids. Our family gets the more exciting and dramatic adventure with a designer price tag. Yeah we could invest in a house, a new car or go on vacations like we would love to... but we really just want to have another baby and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. We have a really good situation coming up that we hope will work out, but many of my friends who have adopted kids know too well the realities of adoption and how everything can change unexpectedly. We hope and pray that everything goes smoothly and without incident. At the same time, I'm trying not to invest too much of myself into it just in case it doesn't work out. Trying to maintain the balance of hope could be compared to the emotions of a pregnant person so I guess it has its similarities in that sense. My poor husband! Meanwhile, I'm keeping myself busy by working on another book (that I'm illustrating myself), painting the baby room a dark tan or light brown (depending on how you describe it) and working out on the treadmill (thank goodness it is finally replaced at the clubhouse). We talk with Addie about bringing home a baby all the time so she kind of has an idea that sometime in the future a baby will actually be a permanent thing in our home. She gets pretty confused when we watch someone's kids for a few hours and then they go home. She usually remains grumpy about it and keeps asking for the baby to come back so hopefully that is a good sign that she wants a baby too! I love my girl. Aaron is secretly hoping for another girl so he can say, "I love my girls."

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  1. We will keep you in our prayers as well!! I hope all goes well!!!