Friday, January 8, 2010

Singing and Counting

Addie is officially singing her ABCs and counting from 1-10. I consider it official because she spent nearly an hour singing her ABCs in bed before falling asleep one night mixed in with a few other random tidbits she inserted into the song... like saying a prayer in the middle and then picking right back up where she left off and finishing the alphabet song. She also counted from 1-10 at least thirty times today. I think she likes to show us how smart she is! Of course, we tend to think everything she does is adorable and amazing because we're her parents... but I also have a ton of people constantly commenting on how cute she is all the time. Friday is usually my day to get everything done so we were busy running around town today. Addie entertained everyone she could with her newly acquired mastery of her songs and counting. Me however - I'm kind of ready for something different. What should I teach her next? We're working on "Summertime." Maybe she'll grow up and be a jazz singer! Ha, ha! She sure likes to sing.

1 comment:

  1. I know I'm one that thinks she's absolutely ADORABLE!!! I loved listening to her recite her ABC's it was so dang cute!