Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Weekend

First of all, we found out that the birth mom last week with our adoption agency didn't pick us. We were completely fine with that because it happens and our turn will come too. So the plan was to be presented to the next birth mother today, which is Monday. Instead, I got a call from my friend Stacy who told me about another person who posted on our adoption forum about a baby boy that needed to be placed. I emailed right away to get in touch with the lawyer so we could find out more information. I was so nervous the whole night because we didn't hear anything until the next morning of course. Kathy called me and we talked about everything for a minute and then she referred me to Bonnie (who is the attorney). I called Bonnie and we started talking. It was a really crazy day with a few phone calls that made us worry about whether or not the situation would work for us. Finally, the birth mom decided that she wanted our family to adopt because we already have an african american child. Hooray! I was am so excited and completely nervous at the same time. There are so many unknowns in the situation so it is really difficult to take it all in. For now we are just taking it all one step at a time and hoping that everything continues to fall into place. Adoption is quite the journey but it is worth everything in the end. The last update we have is that the birth mom is in the hospital resting. The baby's lungs are not quite developed yet so the doctors think he may be a few weeks early right now. They gave the birth mom steriod shots to help with that and now we are just waiting. We'll fly out to South Carolina as soon as the baby is born and the birth mom signs paperwork. I can feel the wrinkles forming as I type this! I think I'll go have another brownie now. That should help with the stress right?


  1. Aaron & Wendy- WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! A little boy too!! Be sure to keep us updated on everything.

  2. Brownies are good. Bananas are better. :0)

  3. I ended up with a migraine from the stress of getting ready and almost threw up on the way to the airport! Too bad we're not waiting in the same location. That would have been a blast.