Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I feel like we have been so incredibly busy this last month. I can't recall everything that we have been doing, but it has just been busy. We did sneak a trip in to visit our families in Washington over a weekend a couple of weeks ago. It was way too short, but it was nice to have everyone meet our son, Asher. We also came home with a hand-me-down car. It was a long 20 hour ride in the car with our heads touching the ceiling and knees to the dashboard with 2 carseats in the back seat... but you can't complain too much about inheriting a Jaguar from your inlaws! Now we just have to figure out how to afford the insurance and gas. Fun!

Life has been busy keeping up with Addie and Asher. They are really cute together. Asher absolutely adores Addie. He always watches her wherever she is. He is talking a lot now with his little coos and squeals, though he still likes to be an observer most of the time. The cutest thing is his sympathy cry that he lets out when he hears Addie cry. He also keeps getting bigger and bigger. Addie is getting used to the fact that she will always have a little brother now. She is more calm around him and doesn't smother him with hugs and kisses quite as much anymore. She tries to play with him all the time now though. She was pretending to feed him plastic food from the kitchen today and then she put her baby dolls to sleep next to him while he was laying on the floor wide awake. I'm glad he is still patient with her. We'll see how long that lasts!

Aaron has officially graduated from Utah Valley University. Yahoo! Good job honey! He is taking one class this summer which is kind of sad because it would have been nice to get a break. He starts his MBA program at UVU in the fall so we have another busy couple of years ahead of us. Then we're done with school and we can finally move back to Washington! Well, we'll move to wherever he finds a job that pays well. We hope to live near our families though. Until then we will continue learning how to live in Utah where it snows in May! Ha, ha! The best part about the inch of snow today is that it melted by the afternoon. Did I mention that my face is peeling from the sunburn I got last week? Ha!