Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Calendar!

Here is the latest and greatest addition to my Etsy shop! I'm so excited because I love all things organization related and I have a few different prints coming out in the next little while that will coordinate with this calendar. It measures 20x16 inches so you can frame this calendar print and put it up on your wall in any room of your house - I am putting mine up in my dining room. I know that sounds kind of weird, but my dining room is the main hub in my home since we live in a condo. After you frame it behind glass, you can write on the glass with a vis-a-vis pen or a dry erase marker and use your calendar over and over. I love it!


I don't have a framed photo of this yet, but I'm working on getting one... but this is just an idea of how it would look with the dates filled in. I just printed one out last night and I absolutely love this calendar.


  1. I will have to come see yours in are a creative genious!

  2. Um...that would be "genius."