Sunday, August 22, 2010

I know, I know... I'm writing yet another post about my little business I started a few months ago, but I had to let everyone officially know that my art prints are available on! I'm just a tad bit excited about this so if I tell you a billion times, sorry in advance! They went onsite this last Friday and I check my computer all the time to see if I have made my first sale. No, not yet... I have to be patient and realize that not only have they only been onsite for 48 hours, but they're located in a really different part of the site. I'm not sure if I have even looked there before because I would never guess there were more products for sale in the section titled "SEE MORE" because it is just so vague. All of the categories are straight forward... but my art prints are hidden in this category in yet another vague section called "MAIN STREET" which I never would have guessed had products that people like me have available. I can't complain that one of the top internet companies is now featuring my product, but I'm really hoping that someone out there searches for just the right thing to find it! Here is the LINK to my stuff on their site. I'm also looking for a few good friends (especially those of you who have an art print or have seen them in person) who would be willing to take the time to review my stuff on You just have to create an account or sign in to your account and then click on one of my art prints to review it. I would really appreciate your help! I always look at reviews before making a purchase and the images that has up right now on their site are downgraded quite a bit in quality so it is hard to tell that you are getting a quality piece of art. I would review them myself, but somehow I don't think my opinion counts! Ha, ha! Thank you friends!

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