Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weather Forecast

Never have I been more disappointed in the weather... I know I should be happy about this amazing forecast, but I was really hoping to have a nice, long extended fall season to spend outside loving the slightly cooler weather. However, it seems as if we have ourselves an Indian Summer where the sun just doesn't want to give way to fall. Oh, well. At least I'll have this forecast to look at in January when I'm just wishing to get above freezing temperatures! Ha, ha! I do love the fact that I can finally open my windows at night and get somewhat of a cool breeze blowing in instead of the air conditioning running day and night. We still get to go swimming on Saturdays and play outside in the park on most days. We better get a nice snowy winter after this though! C'mon... 3 feet of snow for Christmas? That would be awesome! {sorry to all of my friends who love the sun... I love the sun too... when I'm not too hot... and sweaty... ugh}

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