Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet Tweets Boutique

I am participating in my very first boutique sale! I'm super excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. It is a bigger investment to put out a product at a boutique sale so I hope a few people like my stuff as much as I do. Ha, ha! The boutique is held at a model home in a new home development. I'm excited to see the home, but I'm sure it won't help my house/garage/yard envy at all. A few of my art prints will be available for purchase at the boutique for $13.99 which is the same price as on so it's a great deal. I'd love to see you there! Feel free to pass this information to your friends and family or share it on Facebok or your blog. The boutique is next week on Friday and Saturday. I hope to see you there!
For those of you who can't come... you can always check out my prints on Etsy or Overstock:

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  1. We were in Vegas, but I have no doubt you found success!

  2. How sad, but I didn't know you had a blog. Now I can stalk you. :) yea. ;)