Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet Tweets Boutique

I am participating in my very first boutique sale! I'm super excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. It is a bigger investment to put out a product at a boutique sale so I hope a few people like my stuff as much as I do. Ha, ha! The boutique is held at a model home in a new home development. I'm excited to see the home, but I'm sure it won't help my house/garage/yard envy at all. A few of my art prints will be available for purchase at the boutique for $13.99 which is the same price as on so it's a great deal. I'd love to see you there! Feel free to pass this information to your friends and family or share it on Facebok or your blog. The boutique is next week on Friday and Saturday. I hope to see you there!
For those of you who can't come... you can always check out my prints on Etsy or Overstock:

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Addie Marie

I love that Addelynn is shortened to Addie. I love it even more that she is two years old and so much fun right now. {said with the most sarcasm/love} This is all about Addie Marie:

I could just say that Addie is 2 and stop right there. I'm sure every mom in the world knows just how exciting toddlerhood can be. Addie is a super fun little girl. She has an amazing amount of energy and is pure girl. She loves to go outside and play on the playground, but really it is all about socializing with her friends. When I ask what her favorite part of nursery at church is, she usually mentions how much she loves her friends. She is going to be the teenage girl who is always on the phone or texting or whatever teenagers are doing ten years from now. I guess I should plan ahead now and just give in to the fact that we'll need an unlimited phone plan for her when she's older. She already pretends to call people on our old phones that she has inherited. She has been known to call grandma, grandpa, the Care Bears, Harry Potter, the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse and any other character she knows. The funny part is hearing her reply to them after long or short pauses. She really has quite the imagination. The lucky little girl now has two old cell phones of ours since I recently washed and dried my cell phone. At least my new phone was free! Addie is also currently potty training. That is so much fun. Ha, ha! I really thought she would never go poop in the potty. She always goes to her room and pretends to read a book while she is really concentrating on other things. Poor girl. She's not going to love me after reading this someday! Well, I caught her yesterday and we ran to the bathroom semi hopeful that she would take care of business in the potty this time instead of her undies. Finally! She did it. We did a happy dance and put her undies back on. She was pretty excited. I'm hoping it continues. After about a week she is down to just one accident a day which is really good compared to where we were at. Congratulations Addie Marie! The not so fun part in Addie's day has become the bedtime routine. She is in a scream fest right now every time we go to sing and pray before bedtime. We are trying the "get a sticker" approach but it's not really working like it did for the potty. We have finally resorted to leaving the room and letting her go crazy for a few minutes while we wait outside her closed door. Last night she calmed down and Aaron went in and finished the bedtime routine with her. She was sound asleep and slept all night. I hope it continues. She can't take a nap anymore because she'll stay up all night if we let her. It's super hard because she really still needs a nap, but it's such a struggle when bedtime comes that we're so done with it. "Addie Marie" is a common phrase now as she tests the limits and learns the boundaries in her little world. Cute girl. She is so much fun and drama all at the same time. You go girl!

Asher Boy

Yes, I know... It has been about a million years since I posted anything to my blog. Life has been more than a little crazy as we all know it can get. So here is a quick summary of Asher:

Asher is growing like crazy despite having his first illness last month where we thought he had lost so much weight but actually hadn't according to his doctor stats. He had enterovirus which basically means lots of vomit and diarrhea in case you really wanted to know. I think I may have broken my washing machine from all of the blowout incidents we had to take care of multiple times a day and by that I mean at least 7 times a day. Now our washer makes a terrible grinding noise every time it fills up with water and starts to spin. You would think I would get smart and buy an extra sheet and matress cover for his crib, but I still haven't yet. It is on my wishlist for a future hopeful purchase though. Poor little guy. He finally got over that and now we all have colds. On top of that, he is getting his first tooth this week. He cries way more than I've ever heard him cry. He's clingy and super grumpy but we love him all the same. He's finally filling in after being so sick and I look forward to seeing how much he weighs at his doctor appointment this month. I love his chubby cheeks and thighs. Oh, did I mention that he is still army crawling? He can get up on his hands and knees but he is just so much faster when he drags himself across the floor. He has explored every nook and cranny of our house as much as I let him. His favorite place to sneak into is our computer desk. Silly Asher. You can't have every piece of paper that I'm printing for my business... but he's managed to sneak a few before I move him away. Distraction is not an option for this little guy right now. Asher's main goal in life is to find new things and eat them. He's such a good natured baby. He gets fussy when he is tired and that is usually the only time. He is always super hungry in the morning and can't wait to eat or drink. I live in fear for what our food budget is going to be in the teenage years. He is only 9 months old and already eats 3 meals a day plus snacks and his usual formula. That would explain why he is wearing 2T clothing! His hair is starting to fill in and get curly on the top and sides. It's super cute when I put a little gel in it. He also likes to play games now. He makes a grunting sound and then waits for you to look at him. Then he'll cough and smile. Then he'll cough again and smile. He thinks he's pretty funny. Addie is his best buddy. I love how she calls him "Asher Boy" all the time. I can see her get a little frustrated now that he is mobile. She has had to move most of her toys to the couch as a result, but sooner than later that won't be a safe zone either. Sorry girl. You're little brother is growing up. Way to go Asher!