Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

It's been so long since I have accomplished anything in the blogging world... or scrapbooking for that matter. I feel like all of my time is devoted to my kids: feeding them, cleaning them up, cleaning up after them, playing with them, making stuff with them, going places with them, feeding them again, cleaning up again, doing chores, folding laundry, making meals, playing games, reading books, etc. By the time the kids are in bed, I'm kind of just ready for bed myself. Throw a few winter time illnesses into the mix and it has been one long winter full of stay-at-home mommy work/exhaustion. Sometimes I wonder how we even survive. Ha, ha! It's such a blessing to be at home with my kids, but I must admit that it's not easy constantly juggling the things I have to get done with the things I want to get done. My kids always come first in their needs for sure. I'm also a person who likes to do crafty and creative things. I don't know why. I just like to make stuff. All the time. I'm pretty sure that I have about fifty projects started and maybe two of them got finished over the winter. I thought I would get more done in the winter because we're all inside and there should be more time to spend working on hobbies, right? Nope. Not here. I realized that winter is even harder to get stuff done because kids have seemingly endless amounts of energy that they need to release on a daily basis. So. Much. Energy. So. Little. Time. I feel like we're finally starting to accomplish house projects and home decorating again now that the kids can spend some time outside... which also leaves them tuckered out so they take good naps and go to bed early. Yeah for moms everywhere! Hopefully I will be able to finish the other 48 projects sometime soon. You think I'm joking. No. I really have about that many skirts/sewing projects ready to make in their own little ziploc bags. BUT today I'm working on scrapbooks... here's the latest:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We Do Exist

Yes. We're alive. I think we hibernated for the winter or something because work was crazy, school for Aaron was busy, kids were stuck inside and everything. We're all ready for summer now so I guess it's okay for the weather to warm up again and stop raining. I'm actually a big fan of the rain. I love it really. I'm from Seattle though so it's been kind of hard living in a state for the last 8 years where rain usually lasts ten minutes and then it's sunny again. When it rains here, we usually open our windows, dance outside on our porch or otherwise find a way to enjoy it. The other day I let Addie jump in a ginormous puddle repeatedly. She was so unsure of it but finally got used to it after a few times running, jumping, kicking and splashing through it. She's going to need to get used to the rain sooner or later because we do plan to eventually move back to Washington where it rains... a lot. So you know those people who always talk about the weather? I'm totally one of them. I love the changing seasons and could sit and watch it rain or snow for an hour. I'm pretty sure that my mom and grandpa influenced my love of all things weather related. I'm just like my mom. The best thing ever is watching it snow OR listening to the rain with the windows open. I'm just like my Grandpa Rengler too. He would always talk about the weather whenever I called to chat. I hope my kids think weather is cool someday too. Ha, ha!

Oh, and what do I do when it rains? I digital scrapbook... and my goal this year is to get caught up on the last 8 years we've been married. Okay, almost 8 years. It will be eight years in July. Wow! Where has the time gone? I still can't believe that we have 2 kids sometimes. One of them being 3 years old! Here's a page I made tonight... in 20 minutes. Need a list of pros and cons to digital scrapbooking. Let's chat. I'd love to convert any of you paper scrapbookers out there. :o)